Cis / cisgender – Normal.

Genderfluid / genderqueer / non-binary – Histrionic personality disorder.

MtF – “Male to female.” Transfag. The much more common of the two varieties of “transgender” people. An autogynephile who has decided to pursue his fetish full-time.

Autogynephilia – A paraphilia characterized by both sexual arousal and elements of romantic love towards the idea of oneself as a woman. Primary cause of MtF trannyism. Due to the self-directed nature of this fetish, narcissism is extremely common among autogynephiles.

FtM – “Female to male.” A much less common form of trannyism. It is caused by childhood sexual abuse and is completely unrelated to MtF trannyism (autogynephilia).

HRT – “Hormone replacement therapy.” Shooting up estrogen derived from horse piss into one’s veins.

SRS – “Sex reassignment surgery.” Dick removal surgery.

TERF – “Trans-exclusive radical feminist.” Feminist (or, in common tranny usage, any woman) who rejects the tranny narrative, correctly identifies them as male, and wants nothing to do with them. Trannies are triggered by this kind of person more than anyone else, and a popular transfag pastime involves sending them rape and death threats.

Passing / to pass – A tranny’s ability to trick people into thinking he’s actually a woman. The vast majority of trannies will never come close to passing, and it’s hilarious.

Deadnaming – Calling a tranny by its actual name.

Misgendering – Referring to a tranny as its actual sex.

Transphobia – Stating the obvious: that this “transgender” shit is fucking stupid.