What’s the purpose of this site?

To document the disgusting behavior of the “transgender” community and hopefully change some minds on the nature of trannyism.

What’s the deal with trannies?

Trannies are NOT “men trapped in women’s bodies.” They are merely narcissistic perverts who construct their entire identities around a bizarre sexual fetish, known as autogynephilia. These sexually frustrated men derive pleasure from attempting to become the women they were never able to get. However, unlike typical transvestites, they are not content with cross-dressing in the privacy of their own homes. They seek and are sexually aroused by validation from others.

Why are trannies awful?

First, they’re selfish. Narcissism is a major component of trannyism. They are quite willing to pursue their fetish full-time, despite the fact that it is embarrassing and harmful to their families. They force their ways into female-only spaces and label those who don’t approve as “transphobic,” then hijack them to focus on their nonsense only. The trannies who are attracted to women (most of them) call themselves “lesbians” and prey on real lesbians who obviously want nothing to do with them.

They’re also miserable. Their whole self-worth is based on looking like an attractive female, and they know they’re never going to come close to passing. At best, a tranny might become a gross, unconvincing parody of a woman. At worst, he might become an androgynous, in-between monstrosity that is attractive to nobody—male, female, gay, or straight. When they stop making progress with HRT and start losing their hair, reality sets in. Why do you think their suicide rate is so high? Buyer’s remorse. They might spend tens of thousands of dollars to “transition,” only to become a total abomination.

Worst of all, they actively attempt to recruit others. In an attempt to have their bullshit seen as legitimate in the eyes of the public, they try to get as many other sexually frustrated and socially inept men —and children— as possible to become “transgender.” Trannies often help young teenagers and preteens obtain dangerous hormones.